Sunday, January 8, 2012

Passing of a Dear Friend

You may have heard. I read in today's Deseret News that Nick Rodiquez passed away on Wednesday. Renee had written in her Christmas letter that the cancer had come back and he wasn't doing well. My heart goes out to her.

The funeral in Monday, Jan 9th in the Winder 5th Ward, 661 E. 4000 S., at 12:00 PM, with a viewing from 10:30 to 11:30 AM. There is a viewing tomorrow night, Sunday, at the Wasatch Lawn Mortuary 341 Highland Dr. 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Maybe you could put this in the Blog.

I want so much to go, but am tending grandchildren Sunday and Monday.

I really loved Nick's happy smile, and enthusiastic and caring personality. I'm so glad we captured them teaching us Line Dancing on the video/DVD (if you didn't get a copy, please let me know).

My prayers are with Renee and the family.


Bonnie Marshall

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On June 9, a beautiful summer day, over fifty returned missionaries from the tropical island of Oahu, gathered together at the home of Randy and Elsemarie Ayre to renew the warm feelings which they had developed while serving at the PCC, Hawaii Temple, the Visitors Center or the BYUH at Laie.

There was another purpose which brought them together. They came to be instructed on the future of the Polynesian Cultural Center by it’s President Von Orgil. President Orgil and his lovely wife Sherry, accompanied by Alfred Grace, Logo Apelu, and Orlen Clements, had come to Salt Lake City to report to the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on the conditions presently at the PCC and on the plans for it’s future.

Everyone present had, because of their mission assignment, worked with or under the direction of Pres. Orgil and were very excited to hear from him. They were not disappointed in the least. The evening started with an opportunity to meet and greet old friends in one of the most beautiful settings to be found at a private home. With the sounds of a lovely stream, water falls, and fountain, pictures were taken, stories of past experiences relived, and love expressed in appreciation for shared, sacred associations.

There has never been a Polynesian gathering where wonderful food was not a part of the event. This night was not to be the exception. Each guest brought with them an offering which would produce a most lovely meal. True to the "poli" tradition, the variety of food was extent, the volume overwhelming and the ability to eat it all non-existent.

Cherished friends and good food, however, were only the preliminary to the purpose for our gathering. To sit at the feet of leaders who had been so instrumental in our missionary experience was the highlight of the evening. We sat, almost spell bound, and listened to Von as he described the extremely spiritual opportunity to report their stewardship to the First Presidency. The main topic which he presented was the future of the PCC. Would it remain the same, be discontinued or would it be enlarged to a greater purpose in the future? Each process was explained, each step in the future for the PCC was outlined and then decisions were to be made by the Prophet.

President Monson related his experience with President McKay. Pres. Monson had been the last Apostle set apart by Pres. McKay. He was well aware of the direction given for the creation of the PCC and it’s heaven directed future. After a short description of why there would be a PCC, Pres. Monson then, in a very dramatic and spirit driven manner, instructed the gathered leaders of the church, as to what was going to happen in Laie. He expressed his feelings that what the Lord desired was an increased influence and presence at the PCC. There would be expansion because an expanded church presence would mean an expanded spiritual opportunity for so many more of the people of the world. They would come into contact with the spirit because of their experience at the PCC. Then in an action, prompted by the Spirit, he pointed to each of the gathered brethren and asked, "how do you feel about this?" Each response was in agreement with what had been proposed.

In a very dramatic way, the Lord has indicated that the future of the PCC was to expand it’s presence and influence. In coming months we will learn how that may effect each of us as we look forward to our possible participation in the 50 years celebration in 2013. What a wonderful evening.

We collectively express our appreciation to the Ayre’s for the opportunity to gather at their lovely home. We were blessed with the presence of the leadership at the PCC. Our regard for Pres. Orgil was expressed to him by each of us as the night came to a close.

There will be more chance for gathering in the future. There will be more information regarding a trip to Hawaii. There will be more memories to make and old ones to review. We may have left Polynesia, but it has not left us. How thankful we are.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aloha former PCC/BYUH Senior Missionaries!

We are pleased to inform you that we will be having a reunion for senior missionaries that served at the PCC & BYU H during the last few years. We are excited to announce that President Von Orgill, Logo Apelu, and Alfred Grace haave agreed to come and provide an overview of what is happening at the PCC and plans for the upcoming 2013 50th year anniversary celebration.

Please confirm, by email to tell us YES or No as soon as possible so that we can make plans.

The following are the details of the event:

When: Thursday June 9th

Time: 6:00 P.M.

Where: Randy and Elsemarie Ayre's home in Mt Olympus Cove (Salt Lake City), directions are provide below. If you need further help call the Ayres phone 801-278-378

Finger Food Assignments: Please bring enough for 6 participants

Directions to the Ayre's residence: (If you prefer, MapQuest the directions with the Ayre's address at 4033 South Parkview.)

If you are coming from the South on U.S. 15 exit onto U.S. 215 going east towards the mountains. Exit U.S. 215 on 39th street and you will be on Wasatch Blvd.

If you are coming from Foothill Blvd or you are on U.S. 80 going East merge onto U.S. 215 and stay on that freeway until you can exit on 33 South, then go over the freeway east to Wasatch Blvd.

Whether you come from the North or South, continue on Wasatch Blvd. until you come to 38th South (Millcreek Canyon road) where you will turn east towards the mountains. Go up 38th South to the first stop sign which is Parkview Dr. Turn right onto Parkview and follow that street up the hill for about one mile to 4033 So. Parkview (white barn like house with high black iron fence, double gates and circular driveway.) Park in the circular driveway or on the street (either side)

If you know of others that have served in Laie and didn't reveive this email, please provide us that information so that they can send them an invitation.


Planning Committee:

Larry & Dorothy Hill 801-244-8123
Earle & Carolyn Larsen 801-225-5963

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A new calling for the Greg and Jill Gollaher

Greg and I were called to serve as second counselor and assistant matron to President and Sister Workman in the Laie Hawaii Temple. We will be leaving on October 20 to begin our service there. We are looking forward to this incredible opportunity to serve with the Workmans and learn all we can about the temple. Greg and I have worked in 4 temples as ordinance workers and have very much enjoyed our experiences in the temple. It will be wonderful to learn and understand even more this time. We will probably be living in the missionary apartments right across the street from the Workman's home. President and Sister Ellis will continue their service also as first counselor and assistant matron. We look forward to getting to know them better in this work.

We send our love to all of you!
Greg and Jill Gollaher

P.S. One more thing. We will be speaking in our ward on September 26th at 12:45 if anyone would like to come. Our daughters will be singing in the meeting. People should come just for their song!! Anyway, if people would like to come we would be honored. It would be great to see people. Our ward is the Ensign 2nd ward and is located at the corner of 2nd avenue and A street in the avenues of Salt Lake City.